dBBATI Software for building acoustics

dBBATI Software for building acousticsdBBATI is a post-processing software program dedicated to sound insulation and reverberation time measurements performed with the SOLO Black Edition sound level meter. It takes into account international standards (ISO 717, ISO 140, etc.), but also European directives relative to product noise labelling. It is fully suited to building acoustics applications: sound insulation between rooms, acoustic correction for a room, equipment noise, etc.

dBBATI includes all functions required for building acoustics:

º Data transfer from 01dB sound level meters
º Presentation of measurements as lists
º Coding of each measurement, based on:

º measurement type (Emission, Reception, Background noise...)
º measurement location
º Manual input of measurement for simulation of sound insulation
º Display and analysis of spectra (octave or third octave) and reverberation times
º Standardised calculation of insulation against airborne noise, facade noise or impact noise
º Generation of reports compliant with current standards
º Data export to Excel

dBBATI also presents a data acquisition module (spectral measurements, reverberation time...) when used with the SYMPHONIE or HARMONIE platforms. In this case, it includes a noise generator (pink, white or MLS noise).

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