dBTRAIT Software for data processing

dBTRAIT Software for data processingdBTRAIT is a performing software program dedicated to the post-processing of sound, vibration and weather data originating from the main acquisition systems by 01dB: DUO, SOLO Black Edition, dB4 associated with dBTRIG…

dBTRAIT includes all functions required for data processing:

º Multi-curve display of the time history of overall and spectral indicators
º Calculation of average indicators: Leq over period, Lden
º Calculation on spectra: average spectrum, recomposition, etc.
º Statistical calculation: per source, per period, etc.
º Analysis of metrological signals: replay, 1/N octave, FFT, short Leq, etc.
º Manual coding, on threshold, crossed between channels
º Display of measurement sites on Googlemaps
º Export to Word and Excel

Combined with the 01dB WebMonitoring service offer, dBTRAIT provides customers with an accurate analysis of raw data (available by FTP transfer) in addition to the information available on the project web site.

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