VIB Vibration dosimeter

VIB Vibration dosimeterVIB vibration dosimeter coming along with dBMAESTRO software offers the suitable solution to assessing individual exposure to vibrations at the workplace, in compliance with European directive 2002/44/EC and many international standards. (ISO 8041 (2005), ISO 5349 (2001), ISO 2631 (1997)).

As a compact and ergonomic vibration dosimeter, VIB comprises functions to process, store and transfer the collected vibration data. Using a tablet or a personal computer equipped with dBA(8) software, users can coordinate up to five VIB dosimeters simultaneously. Bluetooth wireless technology enables users to analyze the collected data from remote, without disturbing the operator at the workplace during the measurement. The measured data thus perfectly reflect the actual working conditions.

With its versatile configuration, the VIB dosimeter can be used in a number of ways. Launching a typical hand-arm or whole-body vibration measurement according to the standards is nearly immediate: just touch one single button and the process will start collecting the data according to the pre-set parameter settings. 

The instrument's large memory capacity (2 GB) allows the parallel measurement and recording of the time history of all, , thus offering even more detailed analysis capabilities.

dBMAESTRO software supplied with the VIB dosimeter, enables further processing of the acquired data according to the prevailing standards and regulations.

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